How is the process from the request to the appointment?

Before you send us a request, first read our FAQ’s. The questionnaire will provide you probably all answers to your questions.
On the basis of the questionnaire, fill out the contact form and send us your inquiry. Choose a convenient time for the appointment and use the roulette, ruler, etc. for dimensions, because your measure of 15cm may not match the actual 10 cm. The bigger or smaller amount of centimeter can create a significant difference in time planning.
Within 14 days we will send you an in-depth answer to your request, where we will let you know if your intent is to be implemented according to your preferences, and the time we are able to offer an appointment for.
We will contact you by phone or e-mail and agree on the time of the appointment. Before coming, within 5 days please transfer the deposit, which is between 50 and 200 EUR, depending on the artist, to our bank account, indicating the purpose we sent you in the e-mail. If you are coming from Hamburg or Hamburg neighborhoods, you can visit our studio in person and simply bring the deposit in cash as an advance payment and we will arrange the time for tattooing on the spot.
Your tattoo artist will prepare a design in advance or will work with you on the design at your appointment before tattooing. We always plan enough time, if necessary, the artist will edit the design for you, unless we hear you saying: ‘It’s beautiful, it’s exactly what I have imagined!’, and this phrase actually is very frequent to hear.

What about sports, holidays, sun exposure and swimming shortly after having my tattoo done?

As you probably already guessed, it is not advisable after tattooing to do sports, sunbath or swimming. Natural tattooed skin healing process usually takes 7 – 28 days. Even in the case where the visual look of the tattoo looks healed, the natural protective skin barrier recovery period continues for another 3-4 weeks. For this reason, we do not allow to do any kind of sports for 7 – 14 days and have no direct contact with the sun, sauna or bathing for another 3 – 4 weeks.

How much will my tattoo cost?

To this question we cannot answer as follows: ‘At least 80 EUR with our apprentices and 180 EUR with our residents, which is the lowest price’. In order to calculate the exact price we would also like to get more accurate information about your desired tattoo. Therefore, please take enough time for a detailed request when filling in the form. The more information and visual material you provide us with, the faster we can offer you a suitable date for your appointment. It is worth it!

Do you do cover ups?

Of course, we would carry out the job according to your wishes. However, as we work with very fine lines, unfortunately, we cannot fully cover an existing tattoo. When working with certain styles, e.g. old school, we have no problem adjusting even dark tattoos, because we can redirect/highlight the existing contours with different colors and color schemes. For such adjustments in most cases, you need to use more colors.

What is the minimum age to get a tattoo?

We can only tattoo people that are at least 18 years old. Even if you have a parental consent, unfortunately, we will not be able to tattoo you. With this regulation, we want to protect younger customers against possible erroneous decision selecting the wrong motif. Our tattoo artists themselves are not happy with the tattoos they have made when under 18, which inevitably had to be adjusted. We warn you against such decisions.

Is it possible to tattoo on top of scars?

Generally, any tattoo can scar damaged skin. What matters is that the scar has been healed, that means that the skin in the area would no longer be reddened. In case of strong burn scars it would be really meaningful to check whether there is a possibility to tattoo on such an area.

Do you do tattoos in the rib area?

Tattoos in the rib area, we do only very conditionally. As you know, we usually tattoo very fine lines. Unfortunately, these fine lines in the rib area never look as straight and perfect as on other parts of the body. The condition of the skin, as well as the surface ( ribs ), fight against tattooing a perfect, straight and at the same time thin line. Many other tattoo styles with wider lines, however, are well suited for the rib area. However, fine lettering is not a problem. Motifs that have a lot of movement are better suited than graphic motifs.

Under which circumstances I can't get tattooed?

To ensure a good healing, we can only tattoo you under the perfect circumstances.
You can not be tattooed if you have planned a beach vacation 3 weeks after your appointment. Direct sun and swimming worsen the healing process. In addition, you can’t take any antibiotics at the time of tattooing and also 3 – 5 days before. In addition, we can not tattoo you, you should take cortisone. If you have atopic dermatitis at the body part you want to be tattooed, it is not tattooable. New moms should have weaned.

What can happen if I fail to comply with the instructions for after care?

One who follows tattooed skin aftercare instructions poorly, sooner or later will not be happy about it. For some, it happens that the color of the tattoo, when healing, will partially fade away to the extent that some areas of the skin may even be damaged. Very subtle lines thereby can become wider than before. For others – the entire tattoo can fade away prematurely. After all, we do not want that, right?

If you strictly follow the instructions of the tattoo artist, your tattoo will heal quickly and cleanly. The skin care really makes a very, very large part of the final result.
You should also never forget that your tattoo artist has invested a lot of effort and time in order to provide you the best possible result. So always hold your unique artwork with honor.